Anastasia Vasanjee — Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance

I acknowledge that there is a better way to do everything I do and I constantly seek improvement in the way I help families and provide support to their requirements for insurance. I believe in having the right incentives. Most people want to do the right thing; they only need to have the proper motivation and appropriate rewards for delivering results. My reward is providing peace of mind to families.
I provide an exceptional service with affordable plans that fits any budget. No medical exam required and even if someone has been turned down by other insurance companies I CAN COVER YOU!

Business Details

Who would be a good referral for you? Anyone who is looking to take care of their final expense plan with best program in the country!
Business address and/or service area Servicing primarily Palm beach, Martin and St Lucie Counties
Business phone number 954-615-1440
Mobile phone number 786-554-1849
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