searching google imageGoogle is the undisputed king of search engines and it is being used multiple times per day by millions of Americans. However, did you know that there are tricks you can use to find the results you want faster and easier? By learning the following techniques, you can find the relevant information you seek much more quickly — in many cases.

Use Double Quotes

When you put double quotes around a search query, Google will look for results more heavily based on that exact phrase rather than results that incorporate the words in various configurations. Example: “Elvis Aaron Presley”

Using A Plus Sign

When you add a plus sign before a word, you tell Google that that word is high priority and should be a part of any results given. Example: Cheap +microphone cases

Use A Minus Sign

If you want Google to filter out results based on a keyword, use a minus sign before the word. For example, the search cruise deals -carnival would search for deals on cruises but filter out results with the word carnival in them.

Get Results from a Specific Site

To search for results within a specific website, add site:(website domain) to your search. For example: serena williams

Search Using OR

You can search two different things at once using OR. For example: rollercoasters disney OR universal

Search Using AND

If you are searching for two queries and want both queries from a single result, use AND. Example: Vail AND skiing

Find Related Websites

To find similar or related websites of any site, add related:(website domain). For example:

Exclude an Entire Site

Like excluding a word in the search results, you can also remove an entire website. For example: John Wayne

Find Social Media Handles

You can use the @ sign while doing searches related to social media.

Find Trending Topics

To find trending topics, use a hashtag before the word: For example: #wimbledon

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