It used to be called “Pack the House” day, but now it’s called “Bring a Guest” day at Shameless Promotion and Muffins. To all of you regular attendees, please text or call someone right now to invite them to our Shameless meeting this week. It doesn’t matter who, just invite someone.

Don’t forget to tell your guests that we serve hot Kona coffee and muffins that are between 410-470 calories! (No charge to them!) Guests and first timers don’t need to pay the $5. Guests have the option to speak or not, whichever they would prefer.

Also this week, we will feature Solar Man, a.k.a. Larry Jennings, with a fascinating presentation about how to lower your electric bills.

It’s going to be an especially great meeting this week, so be sure to join in and bring lots of business cards.

See you there!

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