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Jason Young — CPR Investments Inc.

At CPR Investments, we are constantly working to grow our clients’ funds while minimizing loss. As with most goals, investing requires purposeful, intelligent and consistent action. Unlike a passive “buy-and-hold” philosophy, CPR Investments takes an “act-and-achieve” approach. By attempting to mitigate losses in your capital during poor markets and building your capital during strong markets, CPR Investments is constantly at work for you!  

We understand that sound investing is a very disciplined process. Because of this, we offer strategies that remove emotion, opinion and personal bias from the investment process. We do not make forecasts or predictions. Instead, we provide our clients with objective investment strategies that have been developed from years of market analysis.  

At CPR Investments, we are committed to you as a person: committed to helping you fulfill your hopes, accomplish your goals, and realize your dreams. Every investment decision is made with you in mind. We are here for you: in person, by phone, or by email.

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Who would be a good referral for you? Professionals, Business Owners and those preparing to transition into retirement
Business address and/or service area Serving All of Florida
Business phone number 772-236-4232
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