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Discovery Toys are kinesthetic, multi-sensory, child-directed toy and games for all ages. Discovery Toys products are designed to grow with the child, expanding the useful life of the toy. Discovery Toys products offer a fun, valuable alternative to excessive electronic media. Every child is a reason to celebrate. A child’s work is play.

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Who would be a good referral for you? grandparents and parents, who would like to expand their child’s mind. DayCares are also a good referral. I am also working with Assisted Living Facilities to similate minds of all ages.
Business address and/or service area Treasure Coast, Broward and Palm Beach countries are local, but I do have a web site for internet business.
Business phone number 786-239-8086
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2 Great Meetings Per Week!

Ready to promote your business and form new relationships? We have 2 Shameless meetings every week. If you attend the Wednesday meeting for $5, you can get 1/2 price on the Thursday Mixer!

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Big Shameless Thanks!

Thanks to the Saint Lucie County Chamber and Jensen Beach Chamber for providing awesome ribbon cutting events for our meetings! We are thrilled with the way they went and the big turnouts they drew. We look forward to future partnerships.

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